Paramount Virtual Solutions offers the following services:  
  • Online Marketing Support
  • Team Development & Collaboration
  • Administrative Consultant
  • Help Desk/Tech Support
  • Website Content Management
  • Virtual Team Training & Course Development
  • Virtual Events/Webinars
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • Video/Audio/Document Tutorials
Retainers are available in increments of 20, 30 or 40 hours per month. 

How it all works...

Retainer hours are determined by type of service(s)/project(s) needed and are prepaid. Paypal is PVS's preferred online payment vendor.  Call us at 866-298-8222 for further details.

How we work together...

PVS connects with clients through web-based collaboration software and remote access via the internet.  Clients can securely upload documents, tasks and calendar information to one central workspace from any location with their own user name and password without the need to download software.  Video and phone conferences are used for meetings as a client preference.